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Kazuha was walking home from the police station. Her father was staying late, so she had offered to bring him a bento for dinner. Now she was heading home, not really having any other plans. She did stop in front of the museum though, looking at all the signs.

"What pretty jewels," she murmured, thinking maybe she should see if anyone wanted to go see it.
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I've been thinking...

That world I thought I was from. I...the details are fuzzy, but I remember it. I remember...months of zombies. Fighting to stay alive and struggling to keep those with me safe.

Even memories of meeting other people who weren't so nice...


I wonder if...actions taken then are forgivable? If under such circumstances that maybe forgiveness isn't so...unattainable.
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[There's Kazuha's room. And look, Kazuha is sitting up in her head, looking quite dazed and a bit pale.]

Was was just a nightmare?

[She looks relieved, moving a hand to wipe away the sweat from what she believed to only be a nightmare only to see THAT. Bandages over her hand, put on their by her parents after they noticed she'd been getting injuries.]

That...from the glass...from...from...

[And she goes almost white as her eyes widened almost impossibly wide.] Oh...oh my

[She clamps her hand over her mouth and stumbles out of bed, hurrying off screen. After a few moments, the sound of someone retching it heard in the distance before the feed cuts off.]
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"Thanks for the help, Krad-san!" Kazuha called, waving before the art spirit left. He'd given her a ride to Crocker's. It was a bit scary to catch him jumping from the window, but she'd met Mrs. Crocker already. She'd rather not face her while she had cat ears.

Then Kazuha looked at Crocker, seeing how the blindfold worked.
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Food was often a good time to relax. After all, going out to eat, enjoying good food with friends, what wasn't relaxing? You didn't have to cook or anything. Just decide what you want and it would come.

Just a nice dinner out and then looking at the sky for fairy world. It should be nice and Kazuha hoped that it would help Crocker relax some so the nervous break down wouldn't happen anytime soon.

So after getting a ride to Dimsdale, she walked the rest of the way to Crocker's house and knocked on the door a bit before they were set to go out to dinner.
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You wanted to talk to me about Crocker-san?
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There's something I've....I've been wanting to talk with you about for a while now.
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"Thank you, Jack-san!" Kazuha called, already on the run in the cold area into a far warmer temperature. She had to get to the school and Crocker's Cave Lair thing! He looked in bad shape and who knows what the dragon might do.

Aikido worked one dragons, right?

Well, she could get help him escape, at least. She ran to the front doors of the Elementary, opening the door. At least some staff were here so it was open. She ran through the halls, listening for any voices or other footsteps to avoid those who were there until she could get to the locker.

Now the combination?

....well, it was cheap metal. With a good kick in the center, she heard the crack of the lock to force open the door and press the button to get down to the cave.

And hit blue metal with a yelp of pain.
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Perhaps it was a tiny bit weird, but Kazuha was interested in these 'crack pot' theories of one Denzel Crocker. She'd always been interested in stuff like that, often believing them instinctively until Heiji called it stupid. However, that part of her was pretty much dashed to bits after meeting a real witch from her world.

So it would be good to know some 'real' information about them. Especially if there was a way to deal with them in case she had to fight one that wasn't so nice.

...well, it could happen, couldn't it?

So after thanking the worldhopper, she walked down the block to the Elementary school. She looked around as she stepped onto the school grounds. Deserted. Always seemed so weird a place that was so busy during the week can be so empty.

"Now, where's Crocker-san?" She murmured, looking around.

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Jun. 6th, 2009 02:40 am
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[Locked from Ran]

That jerk! That....that bastard! He...he went and...

I...I only got to see him twice in person, but to think...

*Pauses and sounds choked up.*

Ran-chan. Poor, poor Ran-chan.

*And back to the angry.*


And it better have been an accident, Kaitou Kid, because if you somehow changed your no hurting policy, then I'll show you real pain!

That...that moron...who just went and fell off a building...


[Locked to Heiji]

*Sounds sad and tired.*

He...was involved with that case, wasn't he? And you two were close...

Are you all right, Heiji?
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Kazuha wasn't surprised by the feeling of someone else this time in the state of her body trying to awaken. After all, after EVERYTHING yesterday, it wasn't something she was going to forget in her sleep.

Which is why she refused to wake up, curling against the body beside her on the bed. Even if it was embarrassing and got her all flustered before falling asleep, she wasn't going to give up the chance to cuddle against Heiji by doing something like wake up.

In her half asleep mind, this goal took over everything, so she didn't even notice the fact what she was sleeping on definitely wasn't her bed.
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Kazuha curled up in and against the warmth in her bed. There was no need to get up today and she was gonna enjoy her sleeping in, even if her body was trying to wake up. "Hmm...not yet," she murmured in her sleep, as if that decision would get her body to sleep.

She wrapped her arms around the warmth she was curled up against, welcoming sleep to come back fully, when she realized something

The warmth was too large to be a warmed up stray pillow. And too solid. And was breathing.

Her eyes snapped open and she pulled back from the heat source quickly. "What th-?! ACK!" Kazuha started to shout, which turned to a yelp as she fell off the bed and let out a groan. "Owwww...." She moaned, putting a hand on her head as part of her legs were sprawled on the bed, the rest of her on the ground.

Last night was apparently not the night to go with just a t-shirt and panties to bed.
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Just so everyone knows, I found Heiji.

He's fine and I'm bringing him back home.
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Osaka had taken a few days to thoroughly search all the spots Heiji might have hid in. Even if everyone else already looked, they might have missed something. She had to see it for herself he wasn't there. And as to be expected, she found nothing.

Tokyo wasn't as hard. They'd only visit a few times, after all, but still, she found nothing. She even checked out Kudo's house, hoping to maybe find the detective boy and see if he knew something, but still, nothing. Just that guy who was invited to stay there.

And now she was here, in Kyoto. They'd come often enough as kids. She checked out all the places, but she couldn't find a single clue, let alone him.

She didn't know why she came here, to this old temple. It wasn't a hang out, per say. Then again...

That time, when Heiji supposedly saw his 'first love' this had been one of the places he went too while they weren't around each other. Though she never did find him when she went looking for him. It had been insane, him saying SHE was his first love. There was no way that was possible. Still, maybe that might mean he was here, because he was thinking of that time? Of course if this wasn't the place, she'd have to move on to some other town.

"Don't give up yet, Kazuha. He just might be here," she told herself, not wanting to give up hope. So she stepped onto the temple grounds and began looking around. "Heiji! Heiji! Are you here?"
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[Locked from Heiji and Ginzo (Since she doesn't want authority in her world to know.)]

I want to...go somewhere else. I don't know where, but I need to get away for a while.

I can make up a story for my parents for why I'm going somewhere, but I can't stay in Osaka right now.

I just can't face him right now need to take a break for a while.
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[Locked to Heiji]

Hey, Heiji, I've been wondering something...
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[Locked to Akako]

Um, about what happened during that...that was a virus for Valentines, right?

Uh, sorry?


[Locked to Heiji]

Did...did that Valentines thing affect you?

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Kazuha was pondering her current situation as she walked to Heiji's. She made a deal with Eris. She got her voice back...but she could never say anything to Heiji again. The thing was...she didn't believe she COULD avoid it. It was natural to talk to Heiji.

But for the time, she did have her voice. And who was to say there was another way to get it back. So she was long could she keep quiet around Heiji? And what she would say that broke the deal?

She sighed as she walked up to his front door. Well, that didn't matter now! As far as he knew, she had problems with her throat and couldn't talk, so it was nothing to worry about! They hadn't hung out in so long, she wanted to see him up, alive and well.

Though she still had to wonder how THAT happened too.

...when had her life gotten weird?

No, now isn't the time for that. Now is the time to hang out with your best friend and have fun with him again! She told herself and knocked on the door.
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At all! I try and say something and no sound comes out!
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So everyone knows...

I find Kuroba Kaito is one of the MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE I have EVER MET!

And would never go on a DATE with him, let alone MARRY HIM or MAKE OUT with him.

It's the insanity of the comm.


[Locked to Heiji]

...are you all right?


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