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Kazuha was walking home from the police station. Her father was staying late, so she had offered to bring him a bento for dinner. Now she was heading home, not really having any other plans. She did stop in front of the museum though, looking at all the signs.

"What pretty jewels," she murmured, thinking maybe she should see if anyone wanted to go see it.
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Food was often a good time to relax. After all, going out to eat, enjoying good food with friends, what wasn't relaxing? You didn't have to cook or anything. Just decide what you want and it would come.

Just a nice dinner out and then looking at the sky for fairy world. It should be nice and Kazuha hoped that it would help Crocker relax some so the nervous break down wouldn't happen anytime soon.

So after getting a ride to Dimsdale, she walked the rest of the way to Crocker's house and knocked on the door a bit before they were set to go out to dinner.
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"Thank you, Jack-san!" Kazuha called, already on the run in the cold area into a far warmer temperature. She had to get to the school and Crocker's Cave Lair thing! He looked in bad shape and who knows what the dragon might do.

Aikido worked one dragons, right?

Well, she could get help him escape, at least. She ran to the front doors of the Elementary, opening the door. At least some staff were here so it was open. She ran through the halls, listening for any voices or other footsteps to avoid those who were there until she could get to the locker.

Now the combination?

....well, it was cheap metal. With a good kick in the center, she heard the crack of the lock to force open the door and press the button to get down to the cave.

And hit blue metal with a yelp of pain.
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Perhaps it was a tiny bit weird, but Kazuha was interested in these 'crack pot' theories of one Denzel Crocker. She'd always been interested in stuff like that, often believing them instinctively until Heiji called it stupid. However, that part of her was pretty much dashed to bits after meeting a real witch from her world.

So it would be good to know some 'real' information about them. Especially if there was a way to deal with them in case she had to fight one that wasn't so nice.

...well, it could happen, couldn't it?

So after thanking the worldhopper, she walked down the block to the Elementary school. She looked around as she stepped onto the school grounds. Deserted. Always seemed so weird a place that was so busy during the week can be so empty.

"Now, where's Crocker-san?" She murmured, looking around.


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