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Kazuha was waiting outside for the arrival of her guest. Kazuha couldn't stand it, the idea of a prison that killed it's prisoners on a whim. Even if it was wrong, what some criminals did, they were still human. And no one had the right to take another's life.

And then, there was her guest who was to arrive. Sawyer. A con man. Kind of ironic, what name he had. Though it was probably an alias, all things considered. Should she have him arrested? Well, the problem was, the crimes weren't in her world. And she certainly didn't have solid proof and she couldn't use his 'confession' on the community. Though, he HAD been in a jail with a psychotic warden after being on some creepy island.

Maybe that was enough punishment for his crimes?

"Gah!" Kazuha yelped, pulling her coat tighter around her. It had already been cold, but it felt like the temperature dropped several dozens of degrees with the next wind. When the wind passed, something was different.

A few feet in front of her, was a man. Was that wind Jack Frost? "Sawyer-san?" Kazuha called over to the man.
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Nakamori-san, don't trust a woman named Chris Vinyard. Ran-chan she's a suspect in a dangerous case.


Ran-chan, Nakamori-san and I think we should all meet somewhere to talk.
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[Screened to Aoko]

Nakamori-san! Sawyer found out what the place he is is called.

He says it's called Superjail. Is that enough to find him?
aikido_2_dan: (Beat em up), we were putting things away for Christmas. And I found a box with my name.

A yellow rose and chocolates. At first it seemed like a nice surprise.

Until I found the little picture of who it's from.

Heiji, I have to you know why KAITOU KID is giving me presents?
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Okay, so a basic summary.

I joined a community because Heiji was spending so much time on it. To find out that the community apparently connects worlds and that they're not all insane and it's real by a girl teleporting into my room and I STILL don't know how she found it. Then again, she is Inspector Nakamori's daughter, so maybe she just looked up my dad?

There are magical girls there and other things that I don' even know to explain. As well as thieves, including Kaitou Kid.

And now...I'm trying to help with the law committee because there's no way to deal with crime between worlds by normal means.

Not to mention also finding out Heiji is in something dangerous he won't tell me about.
[Managed to delete this once she realized her entry could be hacked.]

....I've gotten in way over my head, haven't I?


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