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Osaka had taken a few days to thoroughly search all the spots Heiji might have hid in. Even if everyone else already looked, they might have missed something. She had to see it for herself he wasn't there. And as to be expected, she found nothing.

Tokyo wasn't as hard. They'd only visit a few times, after all, but still, she found nothing. She even checked out Kudo's house, hoping to maybe find the detective boy and see if he knew something, but still, nothing. Just that guy who was invited to stay there.

And now she was here, in Kyoto. They'd come often enough as kids. She checked out all the places, but she couldn't find a single clue, let alone him.

She didn't know why she came here, to this old temple. It wasn't a hang out, per say. Then again...

That time, when Heiji supposedly saw his 'first love' this had been one of the places he went too while they weren't around each other. Though she never did find him when she went looking for him. It had been insane, him saying SHE was his first love. There was no way that was possible. Still, maybe that might mean he was here, because he was thinking of that time? Of course if this wasn't the place, she'd have to move on to some other town.

"Don't give up yet, Kazuha. He just might be here," she told herself, not wanting to give up hope. So she stepped onto the temple grounds and began looking around. "Heiji! Heiji! Are you here?"
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